Dr. Sc. Miro Šimun Alebić, OB/GYN specialist, subspecialist of reproductive medicine

member of our team since 2014.
Workplace: Head of the Department of Medically Assisted reproduction

  • 1996. graduated from the Medical School, University of Zagreb
  • 2004. became a specialist of gynecology and obstetrics after residentship in University Hospital Merkur
  • 2004- 2006. Employed at the Outpatient Clinic Nemetova
  • 2005. -2006 Deputy Director of Outpatient Clinic Nemetova
  • 2006 -2014. Department of reproductive medicine at Vuk Vrhovac
  • 2010 – subspecialist of reproductive medicine
  • 2010 -2014. Head of the Department of Reproductive medicine, University Hospital Merkur
  • 2014. received his PhD at the University of Osijek with the topic in the field of polycystic ovary syndrome.
  • 2014 Head of the Department of Medically Assisted reproduction Special Hospital Podobnik

He authored and co-authored several scientific articles in respected journals and was awarded for his lectures at both domestic and international scientific meetings. His main fields of interests are the prediction of ART outcomes, optimisation of low ovarian reserve therapy protocols and the patophisiology of the polycystic ovary syndrome.