Davor Štimac, clinical embriologist

Our team member from 2011.
Workplace: Department for assisted reproduction, IVF lab

• 2010 – graduated from the Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb
• 2010 – volunteered at Zagreb University Hospital, Reference Center for Tissue Typing the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in the Department of Tissue Typing
• 2011 employed in Special Hospital Podobnik workplace clinical embryologists
• 2011 – Postgraduate doctoral study biology at the Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb
• 2011th-2014th education of medically assisted fertilization in various IVF centers: KB Holy Spirit (GB), UCC Maribor (SLO), UKC Ljubljana (SLO), Genera Centre Rome (ITA)
• 2012 – II. Congress of reproductive health, family planning and contraception (Zadar, Croatia).
• 2013 – ESHRE Workshop Barcelona, ​​Spain
• 2014 – ESHRE Workshop Lisbon, Portugal; Training Workshop Art in Zagreb, Croatia
A member of the Croatian Society of Clinical Embryologists (HDKE) and the European Society for Human Reproduction (ESHRE).
Published in a journal Rheumatism “Alliance HLA microsatellites and HLA-B * 27 in patients with psoriatic arthritis in the Croatian population”