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November 2017

Flashback VISUS Course Zagreb October 2017

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Participants from Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia attended the 7th edition of the Croatian VISUS course.

Leading experts from Croatia and Slovenia shared their experience about the clinical application of 2D/3D/4D Ultrasound in Fetal Medicine and Gynecology.

4D View sessions on laptops and guided practical exercises on Voluson Ultrasound systems completed this 2 days’ workshop.

Participants appreciated the practical focus of this exclusive workshop including tips & tricks for their daily routine.

Chairmen: Professor Dr. Mario Podobnik

Organizer: Dr. Petra Podobnik Brlecic

Professor Dr. Mario Podobnik
Dr. Beata Gebauer Vuković
Dr. Petra Podobnik Brlečić
Doc. dr. Faris Mujezinović
Dr. sc. Miro Šimun Alebić
Roland Mattern
Arkadiusz Godlewski

Location: Private Hospital Podobnik for obstetrics and gynecology, Sveti Duh 112, Zagreb, Croatia

Language: Croatian, English

Program: attached

Participants: 24

Systems: 2x Voluson E10 , 2x Voluson E8 , Voluson E6, Voluson S8

Program tečaja 2017.

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