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April 2015

Dr. Alebić is a new member of our IVF team!

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Dr. Alebić is a new member of our IVF team!

We are pleased to present doctor Alebić as a new member of our IVF team!

Dr. Miro Šimun Alebić has worked for many years as a consultant in reproductive medicine and Head of the Department for human reproduction in University Hospital Merkur (Vuk Vrhovec), with experience ans success of IVF treatments.

His main interest is the prognostic value of endocrine markers for the IVF outcome and reproductive and metabolic features of PCOS.
He has authored several scientific publications in international peer-reviewed journals and is co-author of a book chapter on reproductive endocrinology and infertility.
It is an honor to present doctor Alebić to our present and future patients since his knowledge and experience will be precious in our IVF treatments.

Doctor Alebić has started consultations with patients so do not hesitate to contact us!


Tel: 01/639 8001, 01/639 8000

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